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A Reaction to Place

Photos - Ros Kavanagh (Website)

Cois Céim Dance Studio

Jenny Ó'Leary - HOWFF

World renowned Irish contemporary dance company, CoisCéim signed a 25 year lease on the landmark building at 42 Fairview Strand on 01 August 2020. A Reaction to Place is a design project that harnesses the rich heritage and embodied energy of 42 Fairview Strand to develop and present a blueprint for its evolution into a self-sustaining space where dance can thrive. 

Dónal completed a set of plan and sectional perspectives illustrating humanity’s relationships and responsibilities to natural resources. These drawings (below) depict the building through the past to the future: Rooted in our past to achieve the future.

Zoom to view uniquely drawn people, plants, animals, furniture and objects
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